A few words about us

As Canadians living in the US, it’s been very difficult, if not darn right impossible to find good poutine. The dish that is often advertised as poutine in nothing but a different version of cheese fries. So, with the experience we developed with our Pop-up Patisserie business, co-founder and head of production Stephan Beauchesne came up with his own cheese curds and uses a sauce base imported from Montreal to create the best and most authentic poutine around.

Co-founder Greta Ober, also a Canadian, has experience in marketing and event planning. She focuses on brand and business development, as well as being the official taster.

Meet the team

Elizabeth is our chef in charge of the line and menu development.

Nelson is our food truck manager and oversees both of our food truck operations.

Jessica is our line and prep cook.

Luis is responsible for the storefront and attends some catering and food truck events

Kety makes all our pastries and sweets, including eclairs, cream puffs and macarons. She is also responsible for making our Montreal-style bagels.

Steve Goldfine is our Director of sales.

Nathaniel Beauchesne is our purchasing manager, when he’s not studying at University of Ottawa.

What we do

Poutine, Montreal fried chicken, and deli sandwiches made with Montreal smoked meat. We also have Montreal-style bagels and delicious house-made pastries.

Poutine, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, and sweet and savory pastries. Our poutine can be just traditional (fries, curds and vegetarian and gluten-free sauce) or you can add smoked meat, bacon, or any of the weekly specials we offer. Add a smoked meat sandwich to make this a complete meal. We also have sausage rolls and tourtieres (French Canadian meat pies) as additional items to enjoy.

Using authentic ingredients and our own fromage en grain (“cheese curds”), we provide an incredible poutine experience. Vegetarian and gluten-free too!

We craft all our dishes with high quality ingredients and provide you with a food experience like no other. We also have French pastries such as eclairs, cream puffs and macarons, as well as Canadian deserts like butter tarts and Nanaimo bars.

Location and hours

12712 Rock Creek Mill Rd, 16AA

Rockville, MD 20852


Store hours:

Monday-Friday: 10am – 3pm